A Staffing Agency in Louisiana

The vision for CSC is to create a world-class Advanced Technology Center, focused on delivering solutions for its clients. This can only be done with great talent and great resources – both of which CSC is banking on in north Louisiana. We are the leading staffing agency in Louisiana.

The Advanced Technology Center will bring many high-paying jobs to the area, as well as opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs. CSC is already working with local colleges and universities to ensure a talent pipeline for these new positions, and is partnering with state and local governments on incentives that make the north Louisiana region an attractive destination for technology companies.

CSC, as a staffing agency, will be partnering with Louisiana Tech University, recognized by US News and World Report as a Tier One 'National University' and the Carnegie Foundation as a Research University/High Research Activity, to create and develop customized curriculum.

"It’s an ability to reach out and tap into a community that has a great work ethic, a great infrastructure and a great university system and bring those capabilities to our customers."

"We’ve specifically built this strategy to where we want alliance partners in our location with us to help us grow this center into the next generation."

CSC is committed to the success of not only its clients, but also its employees and the communities in which they live and work. The Advanced Technology Center is just one example of how CSC is investing in the future of north Louisiana.

Louisiana Tech University is proud of its long history of innovation and excellence in the tech community. With premier research facilities and an Enterprise Campus where companies, faculty and students partner in discovery, innovation, and practical training, the future is bright.

"There has been considerable growth of industry in Louisiana recently. We have a great opportunity to link higher education more closely with business and industry to stimulate even greater growth through research, innovation, workforce development, and partnerships."

"It should be a shot in the arm for the technology community in that area and I think it provides a phenomenal opportunity for the younger talent that we expect to hire from the universities in that area."

"We are excited about the opportunity to partner with CSC in this new Advanced Technology Center. This is a great example of how Louisiana Tech University is working with industry to create high-paying jobs and grow the economy."

CSC is banking on the talent and resources of north Louisiana to create a world-class Advanced Technology Center

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